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Homeschool Tech Mom

A technology blog to help homeschool parents
educate and prepare their children
for today’s hi-tech world.

Music for your moods

If you like your music customized to your particular taste, you are really going to like this website. They provide a service that streams music according to your mood. How cool is that? While there are tons of online radio services that sort music by genre and... read more

Your Brain Online

We have often been warned that the internet is frying our brains, but is there really any truth to that statement? While surfing the net probably won’t literally fry your brain, it still is having an effect worth learning about. A new study recently found a... read more

Happy Birthday – Dr. Seuss

In honor of  today (March 2nd) being the birthday of Dr. Seuss, the Dr. Seuss Band app will be FREE in the App Store!  The Dr. Seuss Band app will transform your iPad, iPhone, and iTouch device into a vibrant, energetic musical instrument that all ages will enjoy! Jam... read more

Designing My Dream Garden

This afternoon we were hit with a pretty big snowstorm.  As I watched my backyard disappear beneath several inches of snow, it began to look like a blank canvas.  With that, I began dreaming about my landscape plans for next summer. This past summer, I had... read more

Ready-made Unit Studies

So tonight found me teaching a group of 25 boys (ages 11-16) all about chess.  This “class” was a family venture that included me, my husband, and my eldest son (who is our resident chess expert) serving as the “teachers” and was part of... read more

A Few More Thoughts About Libraries

TU Delft Library – Netherlands Most people have a “bucket list” of places they’d like to see or visit before they die.  It’s usually mainstream travel destinations like: Mount Rushmore, Statue of Liberty, or the Eiffel Tower.  However, I... read more

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